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Salt System Pool Conversions

Natural Salt Pools LLC

The actual salt levels in a Natural Salt Pool are 1/9 the salinity of the ocean, and half that of your own tear drops. These low amounts of salt pass through electrodes producing chlorine gas in a process known as electrolysis. It is a fully automated system that can easily be retrofitted to a pool's existing filtration system and is non-corrosive to your equipment. Safer, affordable, and energy efficient:

Non corrosive:

Do not listen to the false claims that salt chlorination is corrosive to your pool, absolutely not. The pool is made of non corrosive materials such as cement, plaster, grout, tile, pvc, copper, plastics, in fact, chlorine is more corrosive than salt. How many sea walls and boat ramps around the world are made of cement? The salinity in the ocean is 9 times higher at 36,000ppm, the pool is only 3,500ppm. At this low level of salinity, the water is still considered pure and soft. You can hardly taste the salt in the pool, it is not salty.

The advantages of salt chlorination are enormous:
The cost of a household chlorine pool averages about $500 per year for chemicals and tablets. A salt water pool under similar conditions will operate at around $100. Your average cost savings is approximately 80%, after replacing the cell which lasts about 4 years, the total cost savings is more then 50%. Commercial pools can enjoy the same cost savings.

When is a salt pool green? "Environmentally green"

Safer for your family and the environment, no more chlorine buckets in the land fill, never drain your pool again for the build up that comes from chlorine tablets.
Chlorine tablets cause cyanuric acid and chemicals to build-up in the pool water requiring the pool to be drained every few years. Using the Natural Salt Pool system prevents ever having to drain your pool again.

Reliable salt chlorination systems:
Salt systems originated in the 1970's in Australia and New Zealand, they have been using salt chlorination for over 45 years. These and many new type of systems are now available in Hawaii. Natural Salt Pools, owned and operated by Curtis Ague & Michael Malo, uses all types of salt systems, Hayward, Pentair, Jandy, and we now have our own label salt system. Natural Salt Pools installs all types of salt water conversion systems.

Curtis Ague & Michael Malo are experts in their field. Natural Salt Pools is a licensed pool contractor and has offered salt water conversion systems to the Islands for more than 23 years. Curtis always provides quality work and fair prices for his customers and has satisfied hundreds of pool owners with the wonderful feel and savings of the Natural Salt Pool system.

Easy installation to new and existing pools:
The operation of the salt system is not complicated and can be easily and quickly added to any new or existing pool. The salt cell is simply fitted to the plumbing of your pool after the filter, then the control unit is mounted by the time clock for easy monitoring and control of your new salt system. Once installed, the system requires only a small amount of salt to be added annually to compensate for normal water loss or backwashing of filter.

‚ÄčNatural Salt Pool Salt System 3 Year Warranty